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Rain Water Festival

February 19, 2023

Latest company news about Rain Water Festival

Rain Water Festival, also known as Guyu in Chinese, is one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. It falls on April 19 or 20 each year and marks the beginning of the rainy season in China.

As the name suggests, Rain Water Festival is all about rain. In ancient times, people would pray for enough rain for the crops to grow and harvest a good harvest. Nowadays, the festival is still celebrated in many parts of China with various traditions and customs.

During the festival, people eat foods that are believed to nourish the body, such as duck, fish, and bamboo shoots. They also make offerings to the rain god and pray for good weather. Some areas will hold dragon boat races or other water-related activities.

In addition to its cultural significance, Rain Water Festival also has scientific importance. This is the time when the air temperature rises, and the water vapor in the air starts to condense, leading to more rainfall. It plays a critical role in China's agriculture and overall water resources.

Overall, Rain Water Festival is a meaningful and important solar term in China. It celebrates the start of the rainy season and reminds people to appreciate the power of nature.

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