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Minor Cold

January 5, 2023

Minor cold is the 23rd solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, the fifth solar term in winter, the end of the sub-month and the beginning of the "chou" month in the Ganzhi calendar. Dou refers to Gui; the yellow longitude of the sun is 285°; it meets on January 5-7 in the Gregorian calendar every year. The air-conditioning has accumulated for a long time and is cold. Minor Cold means that the weather is cold but not extreme. It is the same as the Great Cold, Minor Heat, Great Heat, and End of Heat. It is a solar term that indicates changes in temperature. The Xiaohan solar term is characterized by coldness, but it is not extremely cold.
During the minor cold season, the direct sunlight is still in the southern hemisphere, and the heat in the northern hemisphere is still dissipating. The heat absorbed during the day is still less than the heat released at night, so the temperature in the northern hemisphere continues to drop. After the winter solstice, the cold air frequently moves southward, and the temperature continues to drop. The temperature drops to the lowest during the year's minor cold and severe cold. Folk proverb: "Xiaohan is at 239, and the sky is so cold that it is so cold that you shiver", which shows the degree of coldness of the Xiaohan solar terms.

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