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May 6, 2023

Latest company news about LIxia

"Li Xia" or "beginning of summer" is the seventh solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, around May 5 every year. It marks the arrival of warmer weather and the beginning of summer. During this period, the temperature gradually rises, and the grass and trees begin to thrive. Traditionally, Chinese people have many customs to celebrate Lixia, such as eating cold noodles, drinking realgar wine, wearing mugwort leaves to drive away insects, etc. This is also the time when farmers plant rice, beans and other summer crops. In modern times, Lixia is not only a traditional festival, but also a time for people to go hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. As technology develops, people can predict the weather more accurately and adjust their activities accordingly. However, the importance of Lixia in Chinese culture remains deep-rooted and celebrated by many.

This solar term is very suitable for cleaning the air conditioners in the home and in the car. Shenzhen Ailike Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of household air conditioner cleaners and car air conditioner cleaners.These two are our company's hot-selling products,Dealers in need can contact our salesperson at any time.

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