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Grain Rain

April 20, 2023

Latest company news about Grain Rain

The traditional Chinese solar term of "Gu Yu" (谷雨) falls around April 20th and marks the start of a new season of warmth and growth. It literally translates to "Grain Rain," as it is the time when the spring rainfall helps crops to grow and mature. During this time, the weather warms up, and the humidity increases, bringing the perfect conditions for various fruits and vegetables to flourish.

In traditional Chinese culture, "Gu Yu" is an important time for farmers to start planting crops, especially rice. It is believed that during this period, the rainwater not only nourishes the soil but also awakens the "dragon energy" in the earth, which can further stimulate the growth of the plants. Therefore, "Gu Yu" is considered as an auspicious time to start agricultural activities.

Apart from agriculture, "Gu Yu" also has cultural significance. Many people celebrate the solar term by eating tang yuan, a glutinous rice ball dessert filled with sweet or savory filling. Tang Yuan symbolizes family unity and harmony, and it is believed that eating them during "Gu Yu" can bring good luck and peace to the family.

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