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beginning of autumn

August 8, 2023

Latest company news about beginning of autumn

Beginning of Autumn is the thirteenth solar term of the "24 solar terms" and the beginning of autumn. Dou refers to the southwest, the sun reaches the longitude of 135°, in the Gregorian calendar every year on August 7 or 8 festival. "Standing" is the beginning of the meaning; "Autumn" means the grain is ripe. The change of the whole nature is a gradual process, beginning of autumn is Yang gradually harvest, Yin gradually grow, from Yang sheng gradually changed to Yin sheng turning point. In nature, things begin to grow from abundance to maturity. 
Beginning of Autumn is the third solar term after Major Heat and Minor Heat among the 24 solar terms. In terms of the order of solar terms, after the beginning of autumn, the second solar term in autumn, "end of heat" (end of heat), comes out of heat. The 24 solar terms have "three heat" (minor heat, Major heat, end heat), "three heat" in the middle of a "autumn" solar term, after the beginning of autumn is the end of heat (end heat). "Three Heat" and "Three Fu" both represent hot and very hot weather, and "three dog days" involve Minor Heat, Major Heat, Beginning of Autumn and End of Heat. In the 24 solar terms, the summer days are longer. 
Beginning of Autumn means that precipitation, humidity, etc., are at a turning point in the year and tend to decrease or decline. From the beginning of autumn, Yang gradually closes, and all things are restrained. The beginning of autumn and the beginning of spring, the beginning of summer, and the beginning of winter are called "four Li", which is also one of the "four eight sections" in ancient times. Autumn is the season of grain ripening and harvest. At the beginning of autumn, the ancient folk had the custom of offering sacrifices to the land god and celebrating the harvest.There are also customs such as "sticking autumn fat" and "biting autumn".

Autumn is also the harvest season, I hope everyone can harvest full.

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