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awakening of insects

March 6, 2023

Latest company news about awakening of insects

The Spring Equinox, known in Chinese as "Jingzhe", marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It's one of the 24 Solar Terms according to the traditional East Asian climate calendar.

Generally speaking, when Jingzhe comes, temperatures start to rise, and days become longer. The weather gradually warms up, and animals and plants start to move and grow. For example, ducks and geese fly back from the south, trees and flowers blossoms, and some naughty children play in the grass.

In Chinese culture, Jingzhe also celebrates new beginnings. People visit temples to pray for good luck in the coming year. Additionally, they also prepare their homes for the upcoming season, such as cleaning and doing some repairs.

Jingzhe is an important moment in the Chinese calendar. It brings joy and hope to people’s lives, and marks a new start in which everyone can enjoy the arrival of spring and look forward to the warmer months ahead.


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Shenzhen I-Like Fine Chemical Co., Ltd, wholly-owned subsidiary of I-like industries group LTD(since 1997), has been a leader in manufacturing and marketing?car care products,?spray paint,PU foam, silicone sealant etc.I-Like general manager Eric Johnken Peng, with Wu Jun, Tong Xiaoyun, found Shenzhen Chamber of E-Commerce in 2011. I-Like was selected as the vise president company of Shenzhen Chamber of E-Commerce in 2012. Since 2013, We have been the executive president company of Shenzhen Chamber of E-Commerce, leader of more than 600 companies in Shenzhen. We are proud of being Gold member of more than 5 B2B websites: Alibaba, Alibaba Japan, Alibaba China, Made-in-China, TRADEKEY etc.


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